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You can't get real quotes witohut personal information, because one of the major rating factors for both types of policies, is your CREDIT SCORE. Another, is the exact location of the house, or where you live (rating territory). The best thing to do, since this is just a homework project, is do a search for a local insurance agent, and call them and ask them to give you an estimate, for a school project. Or call your parents agent. Teachers assign this all the time, so your local agent is used to it. You won't be able to get quotes online, though the whole point of those websites, is to harvest your personal information, to sell it to agents as leads'.

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Insurance is not free. It may be an incentive that the builedr is offering, but you need to clarifiy that with them. They should be able to go over all the details with you, but ultimately, you should have the choice of what insurance company to go with. The leinholder may or may not require that insurance be escrowed. That is something that you need to discuss with them. You should not be getting into something you do not understand, so please make sure you ask questions to everyone you're dealing with. If you are not satisified with the answers, or still do not understand, keep pressing them. There is no such thing as having too much information!

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Bad credit is not as imotrpant as driving record but after your age it is probably the largest factor in determining your rates. The insurance company looks at factors that indicate how big a risk you are. How likely are they to have to pay a claim? To begin with poor credit indicates irresponsibility. Irresponsible people are more likely to have accidents. Also, it's not the credit score itself but rather credit score as an indicator of income level. They use credit score because they can't ask you to file a financial statement or at least it would be too much trouble to read it. Credit score is simple. Poor people file more claims than richer ones because they can't afford to repair some things on their own, poor people are more likely to exaggerate damage and injuries trying to make a few extra bucks, and in extreme cases are more likely to commit outright fraud, staging accidents and destroying their cars. [url=]ywlgpf[/url] [link=]rkmygjjz[/link]

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