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John, thank you for making the angaoly to having a written blueprint for your next 90 days of life. The next 90 days are going to come and go but with wisdom and planning we each have the opportunity to choose how we will spend our time. I am so glad you are part of our team at Seven Minutes. As this video proves you truly are are Chief Inspriration Officer (yes, this is his real title!). I look forward to seeing more and more of your insights shared with our 7 Minute Community. We all have a lot to learn about thoughtfully creating the blueprints for our lives. Thanks again, Allyson

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You are confusing the issue, there are phsciyal and mental addictions, affecting the body, mind or both. In some cases, drugs affect both, or only one- and things like video games and gambling affect only mental function. When a behavior becomes disruptive to normal functioning, or interferes with normal day to day activities, or becomes a threat to welfare, you have crossed the line between hobby and addiction. A hobby is something you do for pleasure, it should not induce a stress reaction if you can't do it. It also should not prevent you from being able to pay the bills on time, or risk the family home- as gambling can certainly do. Video games that keep you from interacting meaningfully with other people, or limit your conversational ability to gaming subjects also cross the line. You are not phsciyally addicted in the sense that the body function will suffer if you withdraw the thing, but you are mentally addicted because it is interfering with your ability to function otherwise. Mental addictions are also the hardest to break. The body itself can remove most of the chemicals itself, if you aren't putting more in- it can't exactly purge the brain cells though. Either way- when something interferes with your ability to function normally, then you have a problem. It may have started as a hobby, like the odd dropping of coins in a bandit out of boredom, or the toke of a joint at a party. But when it becomes the center of your existance, and you don't function without it- you have an addiction, phsciyal or mental as the case may be.

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