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The abliity to think like that shows you're an expert

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yes as I was still trying to drciet them down. This city or place I was in was extrememly HILLY! Like that of a San Fransico but it wasnt. I ended up at the bar/restaurant and remeber parking on a hill, where the front of my car was facing the bottom of the hill. I went in the bar/restaurant and saw a friend of mines and she was ready to go out, eat, drink and dance. Looks like she already started. She had on a white tuxedo jacket with the black lapel and I believe trying to get my approval on the attire. She proceeded to speak about her sister (which is also a good friend of mine) and she was at home getting ready. But she sent me some money. 37.00 or 27.00 to be exact, but I told her I didnt need it but she gave it to me anyway. So I ended up at the Sisters house and asked why she gave me money. She said that after she parties tonight, she might not come home and she wanted me and my wife to be able to get in. So all of a sudden that money felt more like a key to the house. So I agreed to keep it for that reason. I also parked my car at her house on top of this big hill in the driveway, there was also a small tube tv and a chair outside. So after she went inside the house, I turned around and saw the largest albino snake I have ever saw in my entire life. It was 20x bigger than the snake in the movie "Anacanda". The snake was somewhat coiled but not totally because its body seems to be endless. When I noticed it, the first thing I thought was why didnt I see this when I got out of my car and I been sitting here all this time and didnt even see it. So when I noticed it, it took a dive in the ground and made a pathway from the lawn to the concrete on the drive way.Like it was running from me. It looked the the earth was splitting thats how big it was and the impact it created when it left, But I just stood there in shock waiting for it to come back or seeing if it would come back but I know I was scared, but as I was waiting I saw where the snake dived in on the lawn it began to clear up its self and even on the concrete. You can see the patchwork and you can see that it was automatically revitalizing itself. So then my wife walks out clueless of what just happend and said she wasnt keeping her hair the way that it was, and that she was using her friends hair piece (ponytail). Im assuming this is for our night on the town with the sisters...Any thought???? [url=]gnbfnzs[/url] [link=]rribuynyu[/link]

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